Thank you for choosing Speediance Australia. We value your trust and aim to provide you with top-tier fitness equipment. As part of our commitment to transparency and your safety, we ask that you take a moment to thoroughly read the following important disclaimer:

Risks and Liabilities:

Engaging in activities involving Speediance Australia's equipment carries inherent risks, potentially leading to serious injury or even death if the equipment is not used correctly or installed properly. By purchasing, using, or permitting the use of our products, you acknowledge the high-risk nature of these activities. You voluntarily and expressly assume all risks, whether arising from negligence, product malfunction, incorrect installation, or any other cause. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Speediance Australia from any third-party claims arising from or related to the use of our products.

Product Inspection:

Prior to its initial use, it is imperative to meticulously inspect the product for any signs of damage that might have occurred during shipment. If damage is detected, cease any usage of the product and notify us without delay.

Usage Precautions:

For your utmost safety, always ensure a stable position when using our equipment. Both feet should remain grounded or your body weight should be supported in a manner that minimizes the risk of falls or mishaps. Always adhere to exercises commensurate with your level of fitness and expertise. Deviation from recommended exercises or misuse of our products can result in unintended injuries, for which Speediance Australia will not assume responsibility.

General Information:

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our product descriptions. However, typographical, pricing, or photographic errors may inadvertently occur. Speediance Australia reserves the right to rectify any inaccuracies and to decline orders for products erroneously priced. Should you identify discrepancies on our website or catalog, we appreciate being informed. Demonstrative videos may portray exercises of a high-risk nature or not employ recommended safety equipment. These are for illustrative purposes only and should not supersede the provided safety guidelines or recommendations.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Here's to a safe and rewarding fitness journey with Speediance Australia.