Our Outstanding Warranty Promise:

  • Full 2-Year Coverage: We back every machine with a robust 2-year warranty, underscoring our unwavering belief in its quality.
  • Immediate Replacement: Encounter an issue within the first 7 days of your machine’s arrival? We’re on it! We’ll promptly send you a brand-new replacement.
  • Expert Repairs: Post the initial 7 days but within the warranty period, our adept technician is at your service for repairs. If a fix isn’t feasible on-site, we’re replacing the entire machine for you. For those residing in remote areas, we will strive to send a technician to you. However, if the remoteness of your location makes this impractical, we can also provide alternative solutions, or you may need to visit a metropolitan area for any necessary repairs.
  • A Machine Like No Other: Our fitness equipment is in a league of its own. User-friendly and ultra-reliable, it trumps traditional gym machines with its innovative design. Fewer moving parts mean reduced wear and tear. And our robust motors? They're designed for an impressive 10,000-hour service life. That translates to uninterrupted 1-hour workouts every single day for the next twenty years!
  • Self-Service Simplified: Our detailed video tutorials demystify self-servicing. And once out of warranty, we still have your back with parts offered at cost. Prefer professional servicing? Our official service center and expert technicians are always ready to assist.
  • Innovative Features: Our machine’s ability to swiftly adjust weights from 100kg down to 0kg is unparalleled. And here’s the clincher: if you accidentally drop the weight, our machine adjusts in real-time, ensuring minimal wear and standing out as a testament to its superior design.

Exciting News: Introducing Our Extended Aftercare Program

We're thrilled to announce that we're in the final stages of launching our new Extended Aftercare Program. Designed to offer even more peace of mind, this program extends accidental damage and warranty protection for up to 5 years. It's our way of ensuring that your Speediance experience is not just about exceptional fitness but also about enduring confidence and satisfaction.

What's more, this valuable extended coverage isn't just for new customers. We believe in supporting all members of the Speediance family. That's why this service will be available for purchase by our existing customers too, no matter when you purchased your Speediance equipment.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can secure this extended protection and enjoy a worry-free fitness journey with Speediance.