Just Like a Spotter

Don't be afraid to lift heavy weights alone at home anymore. Speediance’s Spotter Mode reduces the weight automatically when you’re struggling to complete a rep., allowing you to progress safely toward your goals.

Push Farther. Sweat Smarter.

Speediance provides four dynamic weight modes to help you build strength and break through plateaus quickly and efficiently.

Standard Mode

Standard mode provides resistance that matches the weight you select to ensure consistency throughout your workout.

Chains Mode

Chains Mode is a mode that progressively adds weight as you approach the top of the motion, providing a unique challenge for your workout.

Eccentric Mode

Eccentric Mode isolates the negative movement phase of an exercise, increasing resistance as you return to your starting position.

Constant Mode

Constant Mode provides a consistent speed or resistance throughout the movement, ideal for maintaining a steady pace and safe rehab training.

Double Up

Partner Mode lets you and your workout partner enjoy independent weight control and individualized metric tracking. Set a different weight on each side and track your stats independently and in real-time. Stay motivated, connected, and accountable without compromising your progress.

The Freedom to Free Lift

Transform your workouts with Free Lift's dynamic weight modes, real-time feedback graph, and smart features.

Metrics for Motivation

Speediance tracks and monitors your training performance, including heart rate, target muscle group, time under tension, weight lifted, and calories burned. With these valuable insights, you can stay motivated and track your progress from one workout to the next.

Progress Daily Toward Your Goals

With Speediance's advanced workout records and analytics, you can be confident that every workout is propelling you closer to your fitness goals. Our intelligent progression system ensures that you're never spinning your wheels, with each workout designed to push you to the next level. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to efficient, effective workouts.

More Connected Than Ever

Easily track and monitor your fitness progress with a comprehensive view of your health, key metrics, and workout history. Speediance syncs your data across the Speediance app, Apple Watch, and Speediance’s smart scale.